The State-of-the-art
Marine Telematics Platform

Keep your finger on the pulse

Boat & Cruise monitoring

Check the current position of your boat and her parameters via the online platform and the mobile app.

On-line Alerts

ConnectedBoat also allows you to control the boat’s equipment such as smoke sensor, battery level, bilge pump and others. So if anything goes wrong, you will be notified immediately via the online alerting system.

Socialise with the yachting community

Yachting community

Connect with other crews via the platform – post your cruise details, add your own POIs and discover ones around you.

See who else is nearby, make new connections and get the most of your cruising experience by sharing photos and interesting details about the trip – contribute to the yachting community and benefit from the information posted by other crews.

Community alerts

You can also activate community alerts, so if anything happens the crews in the nearby area will get alarmed and able to help you straight away.

Communicate with the ones who care about you

Share your cruise

Stay in touch with your friends and family by sharing your current position and the trip route. They will be able to see the boat’s info, cruise data and other important information – all the details are being automatically updated on the platform, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind for those who are waiting for you on shore.

Social media integrations

Connect to social media to share the cruise info, as well as photos and your personal expressions about your current trip.

B2B solutions

Remotely manage and monitor your vessels, see their current location and status, making sure everything is on the right track. You can also stay in touch with your tenants as well as allow them temporary access to a boat’s data via the mobile app, letting them to enjoy their cruise as much as possible by sharing the trip details and their emotions with their friends and relatives.

Moreover, ConnectedBoat allows you to easily plan your charter schedule, maximising the efficiency and functionality of your business.

Details below

Monitor and manage your fleet more effectively

Control the positions and parameters of your vessels and check if the on-board equipment is working properly via the ConnectedBoat web platform or the smartphone application. The system will also recognise whether any of the boats needs inspection and which of the on-board devices may need additional service check or potential replacement.

Make sure that the whole fleet is being used most effectively achieving optimal results and generating maximum revenues.

Trouble-free charter schedule

Plan and manage the utilisation of your fleet with the help of ConnectedBoat platform.

Remain in constant communication with your tenants and let them know if there is anything they should be aware of during their cruise.

Be sure that your tenants are safe on the sea and will come back to the marina – on time, safe and fully satisfied with the quality and innovation of your services.

Your own product?

We are ready for The White Label approach

White label

The platform is also available as a white label model, allowing the change of the user interface, branding the solution with logotypes of partnering companies as well as adjusting the functionalities and the language to specific needs of certain projects.

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